Numeracy at Home

Numeracy is all around us, all the time. Following a schedule, looking at the time, cooking, following a recipe, even reading a story. Without realizing it, you and your child are continually being exposed to opportunities to learn math concepts. 


Using real-life situations are, by far, the best way to teach math concepts to any child.


When you're cooking, you can ask your child the following questions.

How many eggs?

How many cups of... do I need?

How much more?

Can you cut the cake in half?

Can you set the table? We have one more guest.


Take advantage of your everyday activities to introduce or reinforce math concepts. For example, while taking a walk notice the time, count the steps, count the trees, compare objects (bigger, smaller, longer, shorter), possibilities are endless.


Games are also a great way to learn math concepts. Counting, comparing, sorting, noticing patterns, measuring and guessing are all math concepts that can be learned through play.


Literacy and numeracy. There are so many math concepts that can be learned while enjoying a great book. Check out this website.