Social Development at Home

During the COVID-19 Quarantine and the recommendation to stay at home and for social distancing, the thought of developing skills that improve your child's integration at school and in the community might be the last thing on your mind. But, for some parents, it is quite preoccupying.


Although social distancing is recommended for all so we can stay healthy and safe, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't encourage your child to interact with others; it means you should teach your child to keep a physical distance from other people. 


While most children acquire social skills by watching others, your child might need an extra hand. You might have to explicitly teach particular skills and behaviours, meaning you need to show them a step by step on how to interact with people they know and don't know. Consider this moment as a perfect opportunity for your child to learn about his neighbours and neighbourhood.


Remember that small steps will get you to the same destination. 


Here is one of my favourite sites that offer fun activities to do at home.



Here is a video, French and English version, on visual scheduling.

Here is a great site to create visual supports for creating either communication boards or visual schedules

French version