Knowledge is the basis of all good practices in teaching. 


The research provided intends to provide you with a better understanding of intellectual disability and your student. Research-based practices and approaches cultivate a better understanding of practical strategies and interventions that promote change in your teaching, your classroom, your school, your community, but mostly in your student's potential to succeed.


Remember, research can:

  • help you find solutions to particular problems that arise in your classroom or school;

  • underpin professional learning of knowledge, skills and understanding;

  • connect you with sources of information and networks of professional support;

  • clarify purposes, processes and priorities when introducing change – for example, to curriculum, pedagogy or assessment;

  •  improve understanding of your role as a professional, enabling you to teach and lead more strategically and effectively

  • develop your agency, influence, self-efficacy and voice within your school and more widely within the profession. (Rebecca Austin, author of Researching Primary Education and Senior Lecturer at the School of Teacher Education and Development at Canterbury Christchurch University, 2016).